Pharmaceutical packaging

Partner of the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical packaging needs to be of an extremely high standard.
Instead of packaging for normal standard products bespoke solutions are required.
Obeck Verpackungen manufactures a great variety of different containers for pills, creams, ointments, liquids etc.

Our long standing experience, espertise and regular consultation with our customers enables us to produce exactly what is required and always too in compliance with the strict regulations in the pharmaceutical sector.

Traceability from raw material to delivery

Continuous checks help us achieve the highest quality. By recording each process step, from the inspection of incoming goods to the finished product, tracability can be assured always. Furthermore, this is monitored by an operating data system (BDE).

The certification of the process workflow is based on annual audits.

Cleanliness is the first priority

  • Packaging

    Pharmaceutical packaging needs thorough protection from certain damaging environmental influences. For that purpose we have our special packaging, the so called brickapck which covers the sterile products.
  • Clean room

    Clean room production is effected under the conditions of clean room class 7.

    In order to avoid dust and other pollutants, the pressure is constantly monitored and the air in the clean room is filtered.
  • Sterilization

    If necessary our products can be sterilized in a procedure carried out off site.
  • Quality

    Quality in regards to density and stability is steadily monitored by mechanical checking as well as random sampling by our quality control staff.

Demands on pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging has to meet the highest requirements.

One of those refers to the raw material in use. The masterbatch processed by Obeck is tested by the supplier as well as an accredited laboratory and has to comply with the European pharmacopeia, edition 8, §3.1.15.


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