Up-to-date food packaging

PET for food - a success story

No matter if it is ketchup or honey, coke or sweets:
PET packaging is ideal for many kinds of food. It protects the product without any emission of pollutants and helps with the transportation.
Obeck Verpackungen offers solutions for virtually all requirements - in shape, size, colour, closing system or decoration - our customers make the decision.

Standard or 100 per cent custom-made

We offer a wide variety of standard packaging for food. These are deliverable immediately and also offered on a large scale if required.
Furthermore we develop individual solurtions in close cooperation with our customers.
We offer the standard cap but also the individually designed cap if required.

Requirements to food packaging made of PET

  • Material

    The packaging has to be food-safe, neutral in smell and taste, break-proof and as light as possible.
  • Hygiene

    As a matter of course we adhere to the strict regulations of food-safety. This applies to the rooms as well as the technology we use.


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